Università degli Studi di Ferrara (University of Ferrara-UNIFE)

Founded in 1391, the University of Ferrara (UNIFE), is one of the oldest in Italy. UNIFE has extensive experience in the implementation and management of regional, national and international multidisciplinary grants and international research projects, both as a partner and as a coordinator, including a large number of clinical studies.

Role within Screen4Care

UNIFE, represented by Professor Alessandra Ferlini, is the Scientific Coordinator of Screen4Care. Within the Screen4Care project, UNIFE leads task 3.3 in WP3 which will define NBS strategy, protocol and sample analysis and will contribute to the design and development of TREAT-and ACT NBS panels. Moreover, UNIFE will be one of the clinical sites where NBS, using the TREAT- and the ACT-panel will be piloted. From the clinical perspective UNIFE will design genetic counselling for the couple enrolled in NBS trials and set up telemedicine-based informed consent, and will apply as coordinating Centre for the S4C ethical approvals. As crucial part of the “core team” of the project, UNIFE will also be involved in data dissemination and management of the entire project activities to ensure exploitations, outputs and standardizations to all partners.

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Alessandra Ferlini
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