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Research Institute (RI) is a private-sector research and consulting institution working at the interface of law, technology and society, particularly in the field of information- and communication technology. The human rights of individuals in the context of technological development in the digital age are at the center of RI’s multi- and interdisciplinary work, with a particular focus on the technological and legal aspects of data protection and security. In recent years, one major field of research is human rights impact assessment regarding AI Systems in the field of healthcare. RI is also consulting organisations, including medical service providers, in questions of data protection management, impact assessment and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Role within Screen4Care

Within the Screen4Care project, RI is responsible for data protection law and is therefore involved in all aspects of the project which have an impact on the protection of personal data. RI will develop a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Framework for ML-based screening technologies, including aspects of human rights and ethics, will orchestrate this DPIA during the course of the project in close interlinkage with the work in several work packages and will compile a DPIA report.

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