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The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) was founded in 1966 and is a multi-campus university with 5 faculties, 4000 employees and 32000 students. SDU education is very international with 20% of students from abroad. SDU also favours interdisciplinary teaching and is a pioneer in promoting students' entrepreneurial skills via a talent program and a student’s start up incubator that host more than 100 newly born companies. Since 2009, SDU obtained more than 300 EU funded projects. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Natural Science Faculty is well known for its expertise in algorithmics, algorithmic engineering, graph theory, visualization, and other core disciplines in computer science. The Röttger group focuses primarily on various aspects of machine learning and data mining of biomedical data and on developing innovative approaches for systems medicine. Research is often conducted interdisciplinary and in the close cooperation with the Odense University Hospital as well as with the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Role within Screen4Care

SDU will lead WP2 developing a federated metadata repository and contribute to several tasks with their expertise in machine learning in general and federated machine learning in particular. SDU has expertise in developing and deploying complex federated algorithm through their work in the H2020 project FeatureCloud. SDU will also contribute with their experience in hosting reference databases and large-scale automated machine learning pipelines.

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Dr. Richard Röttger
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Dr. Harald Hasler-Sheetal
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